Understanding Concussions: Causes and Implications

Concussions pose a grave risk in bike accidents, potentially leading to long-term cognitive and neurological issues that greatly impact an individual's quality of life.

Research by Lloyd and Conidi reveals that traditional bike helmets provide limited protection against concussions, supported by the findings of Benson et al. However, it is essential to note that helmets still play a vital role in reducing the risk of head, brain, and severe brain injuries. Addressing this concern, the Newton-Rider N1 helmet has been ingeniously designed to offer enhanced protection against concussions.

The Science Behind Concussions: How They Occur

To comprehend how the Newton-rider N1 helmet prevents concussions, it is crucial to understand the mechanics behind them. During a bike crash, the head undergoes rapid deceleration or rotation, causing the brain to collide with the skull. This impact can result in the brain bouncing within the skull, leading to the stretching and tearing of neural fibers. Consequently, normal brain function is disrupted, causing symptoms like dizziness, headaches, confusion, and cognitive impairment. 

The Role of Helmet Design in Concussion Prevention 

Conventional helmets are composed of hard and rigid EPS, primarily designed to safeguard against skull fractures and severe head injuries. While they offer a certain degree of protection, their efficacy in preventing concussions remains uncertain. However, the Newton-rider N1 helmet takes a novel approach by focusing specifically on preventing concussions with its semi-soft helmet design. 

Newton-rider N1 Helmet: A Breakthrough in Helmet Design

The Newton-rider N1 helmet signifies a paradigm shift in helmet design. By incorporating cutting-edge materials and technologies, the Newton-Rider N1 helmet utilises semi-soft pads comprising a three-layer impact protection system. This groundbreaking design aims to minimise the forces transmitted to the brain during a crash, while the linear protection capability of the semi-soft pads, combined with the proprietary fit system, ensures a secure and proper fit on the rider's head, significantly reducing the risk of concussions in most accidents.

The helmet's semi-soft pads not only enhance protection but also enhance comfort, making it a delight to wear. Additionally, its ability to fold for easy storage during commuting further showcases the innovative engineering and design of the Newton-Rider N1 helmet, setting a new benchmark for bicycle helmets in the modern era.


septembre 14, 2023 — The Newton-Rider team

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