Bicycle helmets have been around for a long time but have not changed much since their invention in the 1970s. They are still made of hard and rigid Polystyrene, shaped into a half-sphere with a thin plastic shell. 

They are designed to break apart or collapse when they hit something, absorbing the impact force and protecting the head from serious injury. 

But they also have many drawbacks. They are bulky, rigid, uncomfortable, and hard to store when not used. To many, they look outdated and boring and do not match the style and fashion of modern commuting cyclists.

That is why we at Newton-Rider have designed a new kind of bicycle helmet, the N1 (Pat. pend)

We wanted to design a thin, sleek, stylish and semi-soft helmet. A helmet that is comfortable to wear, foldable for easy storing throughout the day or between commutes. A helmet with more advanced technology, namely Linear Protection and Multi-Impact technology.

We wanted to make a helmet that was indeed like no other, reflecting the expectations of modern commuters.

To achieve this, we have had to invent new materials and technologies that would allow us to reduce the helmet's thickness from 30-35 mm to approx. 18 mm, without compromising its effectiveness in absorbing impact. We developed proprietary non-Newtonian materials and soft absorbing foams, such as our NR EVO foam, that react differently and opposite Polystyrene in a linear protective manner. This because we also wanted to try to help prevent concussions in less severe accidents, as these are a common injury in more minor crashes where a cyclist tumbles over or just are hit slightly by another cyclist and falls onto the bike path. The materials used in the N1 are flexible and bendable, providing a much more comfortable fit to the wearer while offering the same level of protection as traditional helmets.

We have designed the helmet in a never-yet-seen stylish and minimalistic way, with a sleek and smooth shape that complements any personality. We use high-quality fabrics and materials that give the helmet a premium look and feel. We have made the helmet foldable, with a clever design that allows the wearer to collapse the helmet into a compact shape that fits into a shoulder or laptop bag.

We are proud of the Newton-Rider N1 helmet, which is truly a revolution in bicycle safety.

  • Sleek, thin, and stylish
  • Semi-soft and comfortable
  • Foldable and portable

We are excited to share our vision with you, and we hope you will join us in our journey to make cycling safer and more enjoyable for everyone when the helmet finally enters the market here in 2024. 

The N1 helmet is not just a helmet; it is a statement. A statement that says you are responsible in your everyday life, you care about your family and loved ones, your safety, your comfort, and your style. A statement that says you are a modern commuter. A statement that says you are a Newton-Rider.

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